Next Level Communication

We at Bespoke work hard every day to reach the right customers at the right time and mindset, and make them experience the right product. It takes a lot of time and effort to genuinely know the real people, who buy your product or service. But thus we solve the biggest issue in the communication industry: shooting a target you cannot see.
We at Bespoke believe that billions are spent every year in vain on mass advertising, where the biggest investment outcries the smaller ones, but at the end the louder awareness doesn’t necessarily mean better sales. Sales happen ‘below-the-line’ and that’s where we aim to be creative, unique and intriguing.
We at Bespoke do not know excuses like ‘blame it on the weather’ for campaign failures and we do not know ‘working time’, because your customers are also active 24/7. We go where the right people are and entertain them. We provide the right people with some useful help or information. Or we invite the right people to the hottest places and events, where they come open and willing to be ‘seduced’ by the product we advertise.
And, finally, we at Bespoke love to communicate. Our materials, powers and means are always human. This makes the difference.


Found in 2012 we now have offices in the biggest district cities in Bulgaria.
With our strong and professional network we guarantee full control, fast reactions, flexibility, flawless execution no matter at what point of the country is.


360 campaigns and solutions

Yes, it is not only “a TV and a KV” anymore. We at Bespoke start from the strategy and the big idea for your business problem, then we solve it holistically in every channel. We find the right target for every stage of the marketing cycle and address them with the right approach. Sometimes a campaign now-a-days lasts for many months, sometimes we stay always-on. No matter what your needs are, we at Bespoke will offer the tailored and data driven solution. Most important – we strive for a working mechanism, that you can modify and upgrade based on the market feedback and the monitored results.

Trade Promotions, Direct Marketing and Face-to-face

The customer is not a figure on the pie chart. He or she is also a real person in your office or in your family! Face-to-face contact with your end consumers is so powerful! It is one of the most valuable channels, where you even get feedback on your product and messages. We at Bespoke meet these real human users every day, all over Bulgaria, in their natural modus: where they work, shop, eat and drink. We know how to approach them with respect and engage them in an entertaining conversation.
Let us do the right strategy for your product launch, national promotion, sampling event or pop-up experiential game. And then execute it, reaching out and getting the attention of thousands of people to make them friends of your brand.

Event Management

Make sure that your corporate event, innovative festival, concert or conference will be designed and organized by us at Bespoke to feature the hottest trends and celebrities. Your teams and guests will stay always surprised, thrilled, engaged and motivated with us! Our big experience with local and global stars, equipment, entertainment, venues, food and beverage guarantees that every person will feel special and will have something to remember.

PR communication and events

Your brand or product deserves it: a bespoke newsworthy story that we will create and tell to the right people. We at Bespoke can make journalists/bloggers/influencers experience your unique story in a way so that they never forget it. We aim to create inspiring content, that will stand out and make you not only seen, but followed. Thus, we amplify the effect of any launch event or product trial initiative. From the list of the right media to the welcome drink and gift: we will apply a tailored approach and will put effort in every detail. And we follow up on every single publication.

Design and Print of Advertising Materials

The advertising clutter around us is enormous, the attention span is shorter than ever and companies strive to reduce waste and pollution… We at Bespoke believe that your brand does not need mediocre materials that will add to the city clutter and pollution. You need the best of design, messaging and user experience! We employ the best art directors and copywriters to create contemporary direct mailings, point-of-sales sets, print and web formats to make your message stand out and stay.

Digital Campaigns

Everyone and everything goes digital now, fighting for millions impressions and retargeting aggressively online. We were there already. Now we upgraded our approach: digital should always mean innovation through technology. We strive to create this. We strive also to have the best social content – VR experiences, mobile apps, video clips, stories and everyday conversations – to engage the right target, based on research and knowledge of their behavior and interests. And our unique, Bespoke strength is to combine customer face-to-face events with a digital innovative experience – as Virtual Reality – created especially for your brand and need!


We at Bespoke are addicted to working hard, so that as many people as possible experience your brand or get in touch with your product in the best possible way. We at Bespoke create and execute personalized, real and experiential communication strategies. We at Bespoke believe in the bespoke ideas and strategies.
That is why precious brands like Somersby, Tuborg, Davidoff, Sobranie, Winston, Tom Ford, Estee Lauder, MAC, Clinique, Smashbox, Campari, Papadopoulos, Adidas, DHL, trusted us. That is why multinational companies gave us the chance to reach out to precisely targeted customers for each of their products. That is why our clients shared their important internal parties with us.
We have been creating and executing ideas and entertaining consumers for 6 years now. Today we aim to provide the most memorable campaigns and events in the industry.

We at Bespoke believe in the bespoke ideas and strategies 🖤💛