Sobranie: We are not created equal

We are not created equal, let’s face it. Some get the best of talent, some get the luck, some get the top locations and premises, some buy the 5-star-products. And others… don’t.

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Carlsberg: Christmas party organization

When you throw a big party, you probably fuss around for weeks before the date. And a big party for you means… 30, 40 people? 30-40 friends of yours, coming from all parts of your life, that barely know each other and you worry how to keep them amused, entertained and pampered for the whole evening…

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Somersby: Apple Blend Launch 2016

Where the perfectionism and the passion of unique dishes presented and created by Chef Peter Mihalchev met the new taste of cider number 1 in Bulgaria – Somersby Apple Blend…

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